For Members Wishing to Have their Own Tartan Flag Banner to be used during our
participation in parades and other events such as the Kirkin' of the Tartan, Steve
has found the following best combination of tartan material, flagpoles and seamstress services.

ly carry your own clan tartan flag.

Tartan Clan material made from polyviscose available scotlandshop.com.  One yard is
required for a flag (60x36) cost today is appox. $18.67  may vary by tartan + $14.58 shipping

Sewing by Rena $25.00

A standard 8' flagpole is today $26.99 plus shipping of $6.65 from Amazon
All prices here can vary with time.
 Steve will assist any member wishing for help in ordering components or arranging for sewing work by calling 586 925-2107.

Join us and proudly carry your tartan flag The next opportunity will be the annual

Christmas parade in Vero Beach on Sat. Dec. 7,2019

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